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The Meaning of the Sapphaya tourism logo

Sapphaya is a mountain in the Ramayana epic. It is a mountain with medicinal herbs namely Sangkarani (Barleria strigosa Willd) Trijawa (White shrimp plant) When Rama was pierced by the Mokkhasakti spear, Bibhek informed Rama that the antidote was on Sapphaya mountain.

Hanuman travelled to Sapphaya mountain but could not collect the herbs. So he devised a plan to sit atop the mountain, using his tail to encircle Sapphaya mountain while calling out to the Sangkarani and Trijawa trees,“Come up as I call you,”until he had collected all the medicinal herbs at the peak. Once obtained, he returned to attend to Rama.

This story illustrates the great significance of the name Sapphaya mountain to the people of Sapphaya. During tourism development to establish community-based tourism, The Sapphaya Old Police Station community representatives collaborated to conceptualize a logo representing the hometown of Sapphaya residents. The majority chose Sapphaya mountain and Hanuman for logo element. Consequently, Sapphaya Municipality and the community designed this logo depicting joint endeavor and Sapphaya identity.

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