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Learning Base

Learning Base “Sesame Kui Lee dessert (Khanom Naa Nga Kui Lee)”
Walk from the Sapphaya Old Police Station Market to Pho Nang Dum Market and learn to make Sesame Kui Lee dessert, a well-known souvenir of Sapphaya since the period of King Rama VI. The sweet deliciousness was passed down from generations to the 78 years old, Khun Lameid Klowutthiwat, who is also the instructor of this base

Learning Base “Cooking Traditional Food by locals”
Learn to cook and taste the mellow local aroma with Khun La-Or Boonyu, local Chef in Sapphaya. For example, the Caladrum Curry with Grilled Fish, Fermented Fish Sauce with Sugar Palm Flower Soup, Catfish Chuchee in Red Curry, Spicy Fermented Fish Minced Salad, and Palm Fruit with syrup for dessert, a menu that has been around since ancient times.

Activity Base “Collect and make salted Lai Tung duck egg”
Experience taking a deep breath in middle of rice field in the morning. Collect Lai Tung duck egg and learn to make salted eggs
with Khun Somwong Khantakasikam, the farm owner with over 2,000 ducks

Learning Base “Batik Making by Sapphaya Batik Group”
Learn to make Batik handkerchief with Khun Eermporn Aton, the head of Sapphaya Batik Group

Learning Base “Handicrafts Made from Pandan and Coconut Leaves”
Learn to make handicrafts from pandan and coconut leaves. Make beautiful roses from pandan leaves that not only give aromatic smell, but are also environmentally friendly and easy to find. It is also suitable to make flower bouquet, use as household decorations, or offer to Lord Buddha. The instructors are Khun Wisut and Khun Panee Phanwad

Learning Base “The Way of Palm Sugar Man”
Head to see the throughout process of palm sugar making from collecting,
simmering, blending, until dropping the sugar on patterns at Bang Sarawat in Phonangdumtok subdistrict, Sapphaya. The instructors are Khun Pranom Mungmee , Khun Thongprei Mungmee and Khun Siritha Buathong (Pi Tong)

Learn to make Sapphaya rice cracker throughout all processes, from flour
เรียนทำข้าวเกรียบลอยน้ำ ต.สรรพยา อ.สรรพยา โดยเริ่มตั้งแต่ขั้นตอนการเตรียมแป้ง
preparation, mixture, until dropping dough in patterns. The instruction is Khun Wilin Wasinsirikun

Learning Base “Handicrafts Made from Water Hyacinth”
Learn Handicrafts made from Water Hyacinth Ban Ooi, Sapphaya. A transformation of water hyacinth to national product. The Instruction by Khun Charuayporn Kerdsame, the Head of Production Group

Learning Base “Fermented Fish by Lung Subin”
Learn the secret fermented fish recipe that has been around for over
30 years. Using local fish found in the area and surrounding provinces. Guarantee the deliciousness with the 1st prize winning from the fermented fish contest 2016, Sapphaya. The instruction by Subin Piemkaew

Learning base “Rice Scanning School” (Organic Rice Field)
An organic rice planting is a new way of growing rice that applies Philosophy of Sufficiency
Economy. It is good for health and the environment.
The instructor for this course is Khun Somsak Kerdsame.
Types of Rice : Rice Kor Kho 43 (RD43) : When the rice is cooked, its texture is crumbly and quite hard. The period for harvesting is 95 days.
Jasmine Rice (Khao Hom Mali 105) : Soft and fragrant. The rice texture does not turn hard even when it cools down. The period for harvesting is 120 days.
Riceberry : Rich in Antioxidants, Lutein, Vitamin E, Vitamin B and Zinc. Helps to maintain a healthy heart system, lower blood pressure, anti-degeneration of cells and prevents cancer. The grain is long,slender,has shiny skin with a unique aroma, and sweet taste. Riceberry can be grown all year long and the period for harvesting is 130 days.

Learning base “Sapphaya Farm” Ornamental fish
Get to know species of ornamental fish, such as Siamese Fighting Fish, Cichlids, and goldfish at Sapphaya from with Khun Theerapak Pholueng, a 34-year-old instructor who has been cultivating the ornamental fish since 2014. The majority of species is ornamental fish, which initially was only for hobby and later developed into a business for domestic and international markets, such as the USA. The main buyers are from ASEAN countries, including Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, and China. He is also working to preserve species freshwater fish in the Chaophraya river by acquiring rare fish species from fishermen for further breeding.

Activity “A Ghost Boat”
“Ghost Boat” is another a way to catch fish at night. This local intelligence was invented by the local fishermen ancestors. The boat decorated with various styles to scare fish to jump into the boat. The instructors are the fisherman in the community

2 days 1 night tour program, Sappaya old police station market

Activity on day 1

09.00: Arrive at Sappaya's old police station market, Sappaya District, Chainat Province.

Time 9.30 hrs. Learning base to do Sesame Kui Lee Dessert  The original recipe comes from Chaozhou.

Famous souvenirs in Sappaya city Chainat Province

At 11.00 have lunch.

Time 12:30 hrs. Learning baseHyacinth transformationA wicker product from

Hyacinths that have been exported to many countries From Ban Oi Hyacinth Handicraft Group

At 14.00 hrs. Learning base to do "Floating rice crackers, ancient recipe" Or black sesame soft crackers

Time 3:30 p.m. Learning base to do Local food (seasonal) By the mother kitchen community

6:00 p.m. Dinner at the homestay.

Second day activities

Time 06.00, experience the atmosphere in the middle of the rice field in the morning, see howCollect duck eggs and chase the fields. และ

LearnHow to cook salted eggsReturn to accommodation via breakfast (seasonal)

เวลา  09.00 น. ออกเดินทางไป "See the way of making the tan" At some inspector at Pho Nang Dam Tok subdistrict

Sapphaya District, Chainat Province

Time: 10:30 a.m. Visit Sappaya's old police station market

  1. Admire the beauty of Old school building King Rama 5 Over a hundred years (117 years) received the Outstanding Architectural Conservation Award 2018.
  2. Walk around the communitySappaya Old Market AreaWhich in the past had prosperous water traffic
  3. See pictures Street ArtThe way of life of the community in the past
  4. WorshipReverend Grandfather FuangFamous monk and prostrateLord Buddha worshiping his body. It is rare to see, which is only available in a few places in Thailand.

Time 11.30 eatLunch: Tasting Chaozhou recipe handmade noodles at Pa Nok Shop

And tastingStir Fried Red Rice with Basil Mixed Couple menu at the old police station at Sappaya Market

Time: 13.00 Return to the place safely.